Barbara G Walker’s Knitted Treasures on Auction

If you are a lover of knit and crochet history, you will want to watch the ongoing auctions, sponsored by Schoolhouse Press of garments hand knit by Barbara G. Walker, one of the most important figures in the mid-century resurgence of interest in knitting that continues today. The first auction ends Saturday night, November 2, at midnight. The second and third auctions will follow, and a schedule can be found here:along with “Look Books” featuring excellent photography and multiple views of each item.

The Center for Knit and Crochet is excited that more collectors and museums will own a piece of this important history.  We would love for all the pieces to end up in the homes of knitters who will adore and treasure them for decades to come, or museums who will preserve and share them with future generations.

If you plan to purchase a piece of knitting from this special auction of work from Barbara Walker’s own hands,   we hope you will consider sharing the news and images of your treasure with us, by contacting:

In the next year, we hope to launch:
– an online virtual museum and database of significant knitted and crocheted items;
– resources on how to preserve and document knitted and crocheted items;
– sponsorship and creation of exhibits (both virtual and real) on knitting and crochet;
– a research library to enable scholarship on knit and crochet.

So please keep us in mind and get in touch with us so that when the time arrives, we can register your treasure in our database. This would involve recording data about the item, including pictures.

We may even desire to organize an exhibition of Barbara Walker’s work in the future, and would like to be able to contact you to discuss including your special piece. We will respect your desires about privacy, but we hope you will also be willing to let us advise you directly of any scholars who contact us about studying Barbara Walker so that you may contact them if you choose to do so.

We look forward to coordinating with as many lovers of knit and crochet as possible to develop a vibrant online community that preserves and values our knitting and crochet heritage!

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