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A Knit Purl Jam & Acoustic Crochet

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Celebrate the Sounds of Music & Making

In preparation for celebrating CKC’s 10th Anniversary we dug into our online collections to uncover some unusual treasures. 

What did we find? Historical sheet music for songs about knitting and crochet, ranging from 1847 to 1923! That got us thinking very creatively, so now . . .

CKC is excited to launch  “CKC Music | Makers: A Knit Purl Jam & Acoustic Crochet” This is a call for musicians to reinterpret and recreate any one (or more) of the historical songs in CKC’s Library and Museum Collections. The music collection we have assembled for you features 13 historical songs, which you can find here or by selecting the See the Songs button.

We encourage bold, fresh renditions — whether you are loyal to the original score, or want to reinterpret it in any genre, such as (but not limited to):  punk, opera, reggae, orchestral, country, metal, gospel, rock, spoken word, rap, scat, performance art, instrumental, just lyrics, or whatever moves your creative spirit.

Please print and post our Call for Musicians and share with friends in person or online.

Here’s How It Works

  • Submit your recordings to CKC by April 30, 2023. Be sure to sign up for our email list to find out how!
  • CKC will roll out an online voting process, open to the public, to determine the Top Ten favorite submissions.  
  • Each of the recordings voted into the Top Ten will be featured during our 2023 CKC TEN Anniversary Celebration. 
  • CKC’s website will feature links to the Top Ten artists’ recordings, along with images, interviews, and related content of interest.
  • The Top Ten musicians may be invited to participate in a livestreamed ‘Battle of the Bands’ event for a crowdsourced vote on the Number 1 most popular recording.     
  • Selected submitted recordings will be promoted on CKC’s website and social media networks.

Please review our Copyright License Agreement

Questions or concerns? Contact us at musicmakers@centerforknitandcrochet.org.