Collections Policy

Please DO NOT send your treasures to us.

We are very interested in your collections of knitting and crochet, but the Center for Knit and Crochet does not currently have the space, personnel, or resources to safely store, conserve, and maintain a physical collection of objects, including archival materials.  We can, however, help you preserve and share your objects online with those who care about them!

Please DO add your treasures to the Crowdsourced Collection in our new digital repository!

Use CKC’s new collections resource to connect with a global community that will appreciate, study, and be inspired by interesting examples of knitting and crochet you have in your personal or institutional collections!

CKC’s digital repository is free and open to the public, and will create new opportunities for appreciation, enjoyment, research, and scholarship in our field.

Whether you are an individual collector or an institution, you can elect to make both your objects and your contact information available to scholars, curators, and collectors who want to get in touch with you when you share your object(s) in CKC’s digital repository.

Individual contributors with objects to share can find out more about how to participate in a beta test of CKC’s new digital repository:

Institutions, artists, and passionate collectors — please contact us at, so we can discuss your digital contributions, and assist you with intake for larger sets of object data.

To aid in cataloging your items more accurately in terms familiar to knitter and crocheters, we will soon be releasing the CKC Nomenclature for Knitting and Crochet.