Announcing CKC’s Anniversary Lecture Series

Center for Knit and Crochet Anniversary Lecture Series

CKC was established in December of 2012. Today it is a powerful, new, open-access digital environment that supports preservation, research, education, and enjoyment of knitting, crochet, and related arts in transformative ways.  

CKC offers anyone with a phone, tablet, or computer and an internet connection – makers, their families, professionals, and the public – a gateway to see and add to digital collections of knitting and crochet, and to access online exhibitions, scholarly resources, and preservation tools. CKC’s commitment to free, 24/7 access to digital collections and resources creates new opportunities for individuals and craft communities to preserve, study, appreciate, and enjoy knitting and crochet as never before. Together, we can begin to redress persistent inequities of representation in our field of craft.

In the next ten years, CKC will strive to become everyone’s digital museum for knitting and crochet, and the primary resource for reliable and interesting information about makers past and present, and their individual contributions to craft history. To ensure CKC meets this goal, we have identified four vital areas of growth and development for CKC in our next decade.  These are:

  • Discovering, Uncovering Our Histories
    • CKC will continue to center makers’ skills, knowledge, and agency in how our craft histories and what we have made are preserved, studied, interpreted, and exhibited by ourselves and others. 
  • Becoming a Better CKC Community
    • CKC will continue to expand its representation of the diverse people and communities who knit and crochet, historically and today, by improving the representation and participation of BIPOC, LGBTQ, and other previously marginalized makers and communities in CKC’s leadership, content creation, and in all CKC’s endeavors.  
  • Enhancing Health and Wellness Through Crafting
    • CKC will explore and share the vital role that crafting plays in health, wellness, and rehabilitation, historically and today.  
  • Finding the New and Next in Knitting and Crochet
    • CKC will continue to help makers document their histories as they happen, improving opportunities for their innovations, work, activities, creativity, and perspectives to be appreciated and preserved before they are lost.  

In the Anniversary Lecture Series, CKC will feature up to six guest speakers whose work and personal contributions to the art, craft, scholarship, and history of knitting, crochet, and related arts offer interesting perspectives on the values and interests CKC has identified as important to achieve success in our next decade. 

The lectures will be delivered by Zoom or GoogleMeet, and are limited to 100 participants.  CKC Members and Donors can attend for free.  If you are not a CKC Member or Donor, the tickets will be $20 US to attend.  

Upcoming Lectures

Stay tuned for our next lecture!

Previous Lectures

Angharad Thomas:  A World of Design at Your Fingertips 

Sunday, February 11, 2024 at 1:00 – 2:30 PM Eastern US

Find out more about Angharad Thomas

Dr. Angharad Thomas is a scholar, geographer, designer, and maker who lives in Yorkshire in northern England. She will discuss her passion for knitting gloves, including her extensive research on local and regional glove knitting traditions from the UK and around the world.  

A retired university lecturer in art and design, Angharad Thomas recently published a book that links her extensive research on gloves – including liturgical gloves – with practical information for makers. It is A Knitter’s Guide to Gloves, published by Crowood Press, 2023.  

The modest title hints at a powerfully important guiding value of CKC – that makers make the best scholars of knitting and crochet, because scholarship based on deep personal understanding and experience of these crafts, their history, and the materials, techniques, and perspectives that define and expand them, has enduring value to the craft community and to the public.  

Dr. Thomas attended CKC’s Founding Symposium in 2012 and was co-curator with Beth Brown-Reinsel of CKC’s first exhibition, Sanquhar Gloves: A Living Scottish Tradition, 2016. She is a long-time volunteer archivist for the Knitting and Crochet Guild of the UK, a sister organization to CKC, and the caretakers of a fascinating historical collection.

Angharad Thomas in front of several gloves knitted for her book A Knitter's Guide to Gloves
The cover of A Knitter's guide to gloves

Photos:  Angharad Thomas at the Dales Museum, Yorkshire, UK, 2019; and her book, published in 2023 by Crowood Press, Ltd.

You can find out more and follow Angharad Thomas at Knitting Gloves, a World of Design

A partially knitted glove in shades of dark blue with mutlicolored fingertips
Rainbow Fingertips for Sanquhar Gloves on Antique Brass Table.  Photo: Angharad Thomas