A festive graphic with balls of yarn and the works Meet with CKC's Collections Specialists

Meet with a CKC Collections Specialist

A festive graphic with balls of yarn and the works Meet with CKC's Collections Specialists

Give Yourself or Someone You Love the Gift of Time

Donate $250 and a CKC’s collections specialist will set up a mutually convenient time to meet with you for up to 2 hours to give you or your gift recipient the personalized help you need to preserve and share the knitted and crocheted items that are most important to you, and their stories, in CKC’s digital collection.  

If you have been wanting to add some items to CKC’s digital collection, but you aren’t sure how to get started, or haven’t found the time  – this gift is for you!  If you’ve already donated this year, you can level up your donation to $250 to receive or give this service. Find out how by clicking the Donate button below.

CKC’s collections specialist can help you with the following tasks – how to measure and photograph your items, how to fill out the online submission forms to add your photos and stories to CKC’s digital collection, and how to tag and/or describe your items so others can easily find them to study and enjoy.  

And the fine print: 

  • Once your donation has been received, CKC’s collections specialist will contact you to set up a mutually convenient time in 2024 to meet with you by phone, GoogleMeet, or Zoom.  
  • All appointments must be scheduled and completed in 2024.  
  • CKC’s collections specialist will provide you with coaching and assistance, but you will need to add the items yourself, and agree to CKC’s licensing terms, so please have a working smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop available with an internet connection, and if possible, screen-sharing enabled, to bring to your personalized help session.  
  • You can divide your time into up to two 1-hour sessions.
  • You can cancel and reschedule each session only once.
  • Please be courteous and on time for your session(s).
  • Please note that this is a voluntary, unrestricted donation to CKC for fundraising purposes. Anyone can add their items to CKC’s digital collection for free; you do not need to pay CKC or even join CKC to upload your items to CKC’s digital collection.  And you can always contact us at info@centerforknitandcrochet.orgfor basic assistance.  
  • Because you are receiving a service, the total tax deductible value of your contribution is $158 — which is $250 minus the cost of 2 hours wages for a curator or archivist in digital media, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics.  See “Contributions You Can Deduct” in 2022 Publication 526 (irs.gov).  As always, we recommend you consult your tax professional if you have questions.
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