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April, 2021
knitted checkerboard, quilted and embellished
Photo: Suzann Thompson

“… if the quilt that you are knitting together gets frayed you’ve got to sew up the connections between the little squares. You’ve got to make your own square as good as you can, and not be in the situation of trying to rip it apart, tear it apart.”  

Dr. Elbert Parr Tuttle, Jr.

New CKC Blog Post: Non-Knitting Items in CKC’s Open Source Collections

Dr. Elbert Parr Tuttle, Jr., served in the United States Marine Corps in the Pacific during World War II. In an interview, Dr. Tuttle talked mostly about the war, but late in the interview he used the idea of a knitted quilt to talk about our civic duties as residents of this earth. Read the excerpt, and learn more about the variety of items that CKC hosts in its Library and Museum Collections related to knitting and crochet (via at CKC’s blog.

Upcoming CKC Member Activities

Test Knit Princess Diana’s Black Sheep Sweater

Test knit a fresh take on Princess Diana’s beloved Black Sheep Sweater! We are looking for volunteers to test knit this iconic sweater design starting in May 2021, before we host a KAL in July. Visit the Pennies per Hour of Pleasure fundraising website — P/hop for Doctors Without Borders — or Ravelry to see the original sweater. The pattern is already freely available, but we have updated the instructions for a modern knitting audience and given it a more inclusive size range. Interested test knitters should fill out this form and direct any questions to Mary Claire Phillips at

Mystery ??? Month – Coming Soon!

May is the official month of mystery, and CKC is joining in on the secrecy with our own Mystery Mags fundraiser! Thanks to two donors who wanted to benefit CKC, we have an incredible cache of vintage knitting magazines ranging from the WWII era to the late 1980s to share with you. Purchase a Mystery Mag as a contribution to CKC; receive a surprise mystery magazine in your mailbox. Follow along on social media and our email newsletter during Mystery Month for more exciting sneak peeks!

CKC Digital Collections Spotlight:  New in CKC’s Crowdsourced Collection

1940s California Kitchen 

A white crocheted square with red crocheted edging and a crocheted red cherry with a green stem in the center

Member Heather Hernandez added several cheerful potholders to CKC’s Crowdsourced Collection.  Her grandmother crocheted the apple, strawberry, and most marvelous crab potholders to coordinate with her beloved “Franciscan Apple” dinnerware.  These popular ceramics were first developed in California in the 1940s.  Heather recalls that her grandmother “had a lot of red and white in her kitchen.”  Read the full story: Crochet Apple Potholder by Maria Antonia Ludovici Martinez, San Francisco, California, USA

A close up image of a gold knit afghan

1960s Sculptured Block Afghan

Mary Paulsen of Wisconsin added a gold-colored afghan she knitted in 1966.  She included the original pattern for the afghan, entitled “Sculptured Block Afghan,” which a colleague shared with her and several other coworkers, who all made similar afghans.  This treasured afghan was used by the Paulsen family for many years.  See it in CKC’s Crowdsourced Collection (and make one for yourself!)  Knitted Afghan, 1966

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