Music with Knitting or Crochet
from CKC’s Library and Museum Collections

“Knitting in the Arbor,” words by August Bell; music by W. T. Porter, 1866

“Knitting Song,” words by Frank Armstrong; music by Anna Priscilla, 1914-1918

“The war has brought a custom back that seems to be most fitting.

It was the vogue in grandma’s time. It is the art of knitting.”

“Knitting,” Muriel Bruce & Baron Aliotti, 1915

“Grandmother Knitting,” in Fireside Fancies for Pipe Organ,  J. W. Clokey, c. 1923

“And Then She’d Knit, Knit, Knit,” words by Eddie Moran; music by Harry Von Tilzer, 1917

“I’d Like to Be Like Grandma,” words by Arthur Trevelyan; music by H.W. Petrie, 1895 

“Jamie’s on the Stormy Sea,” Bernard Covert, 1847 

Ere the twilight bat was flitting, in the sunset, at her knitting”

“Knitting Socks for Daddy’s Men,” words and music Jean Munro Mulloy, c. 1915

“Listen to the Knocking at the Knitting Club,” words by Bert Hanlon; music by Harry Von Tilzer, 1917

“Mother’s Darling Yet,” music and words by Halbert Hoard, 1899

“Soldier, Soldier Dear Unknown (A Knitting War Song),” by Alicia Adélaïde Needham, 1915

“Each Stitch Is A Thought Of You, Dear,” words by AL. Sweet; music by Billy Baskette, 1918

“I Will Knit A Suit O’ Dreams,” Song Success from the Musical Play ‘Toot Toot,’ music by Jerome Kern; arranged by Chas. Miller, 1917